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Glogou Announces "Across the Great Wall" China Marketing Technologies and Services That Break Down the Barriers to Reaching the Growing China Market

China marketing solutions to help a business to reach China market effectively. Glogou provides complete China digital, social media and mobile marketing, Glogou TWINS, Endu, WAVE.Click here for high-resolution version

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - August 07, 2013) - Glogou Inc, a Silicon Valley technology marketing company that specializes in digital marketing, today announced the availability of Across the Great Wall, a suite of turnkey digital marketing solutions that breaks down the barriers for marketing in China. By offering innovative technologies that overcome the challenges of language and accessibility combined with professional services for ease of implementation, Across the Great Wall enables companies to reach the growing number of Chinese consumers and businesses that are eager to buy high quality goods and services from around the world.

Baidu, not Google, is the search engine used by 87% of China's 500 million Internet users, but Baidu's advertising management system is completely in Chinese. Glogou Endu, one of the technologies in the Across the Great Wall suite, is the world's first English web interface for Baidu's advertising platform so any business is able to conduct search engine marketing on China's top search engine.

Conventional social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked in China. To counteract this barrier, Glogou offers TWINS, a cloud-based software service that automatically synchronizes content from a client's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to China's equivalent top social media sites, Weibo, Wechat, and Youku. Glogou TWINS enable a client's social media marketing messages to reach the Chinese population with no time delay. Glogou TWINS also integrates automatic and human translation services.

Additionally, on average 17% of foreign business' websites are either completely or partially inaccessible in China at any given time. Glogou has developed WAVE (Web Accessibility and Visibility Evaluator), a cloud based software service that monitors website accessibility and also provides visibility into the interest level for a product in China's web presence and social media. Glogou WAVE delivers valuable insight on where a business can direct their China marketing effort.

"There are many intimidating barriers for a business when they decide to market their products and services in China. However, China can be a very lucrative and important market for many businesses," said Iris Huang, co-founder of Glogou Inc. "Glogou understand all the pains and barriers to marketing in China. Glogou's turnkey China marketing solutions will ease the pains, break all the barriers, and enable a business to run a successful China marketing campaign and to get more customers from China."

Glogou Across the Great Wall turnkey marketing solutions for China also include professional services based on its unique technologies. Such services include complete China search engine marketing and China social media marketing services. A business can advertise to the one billion mobile users in China, by using Glogou mobile marketing services that localize mobile apps to the China market and promote them on China's app stores. For those websites that are not accessible in China, Glogou provides technical solutions to make those websites accessible to China's vast Internet population.

About Glogou Inc: Glogou Inc. is a Silicon Valley based technology marketing company, with offices in Beijing and Boston. Glogou develops innovative digital marketing technologies. Glogou also provides complete digital, social media and mobile marketing services for their customers. A few of selected customers include Intel, Capital Region USA, South Carolina State, and Columbia University. Most of Glogou's customers are small and medium size enterprises, education institutions, tourism agencies and destination marketing organizations.

For more information, visit http://china-marketing.glogou.com