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GM Law Firm Student Loans Big Win Against Navient

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2018 / Navient the biggest servicer of student loans in the U.S. continues to face a series of backlashes from consumers and consumer advocacy groups. Through their local counsel, GM Law Firm recently won a $23,000 lawsuit in Texas against Navient. Navient's claim was that the plaintiff's loan was bundled and securitized under a different trust. GM was able to discredit Navient's case and win big for their student loan client as they have been doing for tons of their other clients. The law firm has been one of the fiercest defenders standing up to the student loan giant and other financial predators.

The firm happens to have the most professional and experienced attorneys. While the internet has been spewing disinformation on blogs like Get out of Debt by Steve Rhodes who tries to bash the industry potentially out of his misunderstanding and lack of knowledge as he is not a licensed attorney. He has stated that settling student loans with Navient is very very unlikely, which is just not accurate information. GM Law Firm consistently negotiates settlement offers with Navient and NCT for 15%-45% of the client's debt.

Chantel Grant the attorney handling cases for GM Law Firm in Boca Raton, Florida is not only experienced but also a self-confessed fighter working against these predators. She believes success in getting justice lies in dealing with each case diligently and that has proven to be a successful formula for their clients.

"The problem with a high volume law practice, is that there is no personal service," says Rhodes. Most law offices have a set up designed for handling high volumes of clients. The problem with this set up is that attention is hardly given to each case. GM Law Firm is different, and each client gets twice a month calls, and each client is treated like they are their most important client.

Steve Rhodes reckons that this simply cannot work when taking on big companies like Navient. The attorney needs to be well versed in the relevant areas such as understanding legislation such as the Lending Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, amongst others.

But even more importantly consumer defenders need to be in a position where they can give each client the attention they deserve. GM Law Firm LLC is proof that focus on personal service yields exceptional results. In the $23,000 lawsuit against Navient, the plaintiff said, "this just doesn't happen."

Some statistics suggest that over 60% of the 17,000 consumer complaints the CFPB received in 2017 were on Navient. The student loan servicer has been faced with a myriad of complaints and court cases. Despite this, the company is not about to back down.

After the FCC signaled it may be placing limits on automated calls that are meant to pursue borrowers, the company protested. According to the company, not only do their stern measures facilitate their efforts to deter loan defaults, they present opportunities to extend a helping hand to potential defaulters.

But some borrowers may not agree with Navient's argument. For these borrowers, there is only so much that new regulations that are slow to come can do to help their situation. Yet again, GM Law Firm has proven to be passionate and effective in taking on financial predators.

SOURCE: Chantel Grant