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'GMB': Piers Morgan reveals awkward encounter with Prince Philip

Chris Edwards

On the day of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid naturally ended up discussing the Royal Family, and the former had a rather embarrassing story to share.

Morgan recalled his first and only meeting with Prince Charles’ father Prince Philip, and it proved to be a rather awkward one.

“At his [Prince Charles] 50th birthday party they invited all the Editors, which I was at the Daily Mirror, 1998 is must have been,” began Morgan. “We went down to Buckingham Palace; the Queen invited us all.

Piers Morgan reveals awkward encounter with Prince Philip

“And all I remember is, I was standing in the sun, we had our name tags on, and Prince Philip came towards us. I’d never met him, and he went, ‘Ooh, who are you?’ And I stuck my hand out, he shook my hand, and he looked at the name tag which said Daily Mirror Editor, The Sun Editor.

“And he bolted off at high speed, and he passed a guy, who he didn’t recognise, who was the Editor of The Sunday Mirror, so it was someone I knew.

“And he just turned back at me [Prince Philip] and this guy and went, ‘My God, you can’t tell from the outside, can you?’

Piers Morgan recalls being blanked by Prince Philip

He continued: “It was my only encounter of Prince Philip, and he was exceptionally rude, and I love that. Why pretend? He couldn’t stand us, and he was quite happy to tell us.”

Reid then began to poke fun at Morgan, asking him why he wasn’t invited to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday today (November 14).

“So you were invited to Prince Charles’ 50th? “What are you doing today?” Reid jokingly asked.

“Er, well, if you’re watching, your majesty, as I’m sure you do, we know that Camilla loves the show. Good morning to you ma’am,” Morgan joked.

“I think you’d be a fabulous Queen and when you are, I hope I get back on the party list. Because, at the moment, they’ve dried up a bit,” he added.

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