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Gnip Adds Six New Social Data Sources Available via Public API

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2013) - Gnip, the world's largest and most trusted provider of social data, has added six public APIs through its Enterprise Data Collector including bitly, Instagram, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Panaramio and Plurk. In addition, Gnip will be providing enhanced geo support for YouTube and Flickr. 

Gnip's Enterprise Data Collector is designed to make it easy for companies to receive data from public APIs with standard format normalization making it easier to digest. Enterprise Data Collector also unwinds URLs and provides data deduplication. Now Gnip customers will be able to easily digest data from more of the biggest social networks on the planet.

"Our customers care about conversations happening across the entire spectrum of social sources. Each source provides unique insights that can be used for addressing unique business opportunities. We're adding public social data from sources such as Instagram and bitly to help satisfy their insatiable appetite for more data," said Chris Moody, President and COO of Gnip.

Social Data Sources and Use Cases:

  • bitly: Search for keywords allowing companies to search for brand mentions and current events.

  • Instagram: Ability to access popular posts, conduct tag searches and geosearches. This will allow organizations to monitor geo-locations, monitor current events and search for brand mentions.

  • Panoramio: Ability to search geotagged content making it easy to monitor geo-locations.

  • Plurk: Search for keyword mentions for brands or current events.

  • Reddit: Monitor for keyword mentions allowing organizations to monitor for brand mentions and other relevant topics.

  • Stack Overflow: Ability to search tags, reputation and comments allowing for companies to monitor for feedback and tech emergencies.

Other social data sources offered through Enterprise Data Collector include the public APIs of Facebook, YouTube, YouTube comments, Vimeo, Google+ and more. In addition, Gnip provides the full firehose of social data from Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits and Disqus.

To learn more about this or any of Gnip's data streams, contact sales@gnip.com.

About Gnip:
Gnip is the world's largest and most trusted provider of social media data, serving customers in a range of industries from social media monitoring and business intelligence to finance and government. Gnip's customers deliver social media analytics to over 90% of the Fortune 500. Gnip delivers more than 100 billion realtime social data activities each month, providing access to data from dozens of sources including Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Disqus and more. For more information, email info@gnip.com or visit Gnip.com.