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Going to Electric Zoo? 6 Picks on What to Pack

aPure Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwaer, one of the most common items that is essential to bring and makes the weekend run smoothly, designed with multiple & amazing functions wholly fulfill your travel underwear requirements. (Photo: Business Wire)


aPure Introduces the Tips in Step with Balance

Electric Zoo Festival, one of the year’s wildest electronic music weekend is coming! What do you plan to wear all weekend long for a concert that shifts from day to night?

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Here are 6 things you shouldn't leave home alone.

Rave Wear is mandatory. Opt for neon racing stripes, LED glittered cowboy hats, or animal costumes. Dress to IMPRESS is the only dress code. Here’s Costume Guide.

Sunglasses – No electric festival is complete without a pair of quirky glasses.

Hat –An umbrella for your head! Ever had your scalp sunburned?

Sunscreen – You’re going to get toasted without applying frequently your sunscreen at least every 2 hours.

A blanket or towel to sit on, so you can make use of the site’s green grass.

6-in-1 underwear – One of the most common items that is essential to bring and makes the weekend run smoothly. Designed with multiple & amazing functions wholly fulfill your travel underwear requirements:

  • Easily Clean & Quickest Drying
    Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear combines the features of TENCEL™ from Austria and the Japanese imported weak acid fiber Acrylate by blending into a single yarn. Stains aren’t easily absorbed by the fiber. It’s easy to wash and clean. You don’t have to use detergent to wash. Just make use of clean water and hang it to dry directly. After which, it usually takes less than 4 hours to get completely dry.
  • Odor Eliminating
    Keeps your butt in a weakly acidic environment, maintains an ideal balance of good & bad bacteria. It can rid of the offensive and embarrassing odors.
  • High Breathability
    The high temperature is also a common & big issue in the party when you profusely sweat. The Rayon fiber has high absorption, high moisture releasing, high moisture conductivity, high convection and ventilation capabilities, that ensure your butts and private regions are in comfortably cool.

6 Key Features of the Pure5.5

  • Soft, sensitive, and bare.
  • Keep Balancing the skin’s pH levels while wearing it
  • Enhanced Breathability, Color Retention and Vibrancy
  • Minimal Static Charge allows for all day comfort and moisturization
  • Made with temperature regulating, quick drying, deodorizing fabrics
  • Made with biodegradable raw materials from botanical origins

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