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You’re going to want the next big T-Mobile Tuesdays deal

Chris Mills

T-Mobile recently launched a new rewards program, T-Mobile Tuesdays. The idea is to get some kind of gift or freebie every week, normally free movie tickets, a free coffee or free pizza. But to celebrate the restart of baseball season (we assume), T-Mobile is gifting a free subscription to MLB TV to all its customers, starting in April.

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The promotion should mean you get a free subscription to MLB TV, which lets you watch out-of-market games through an app, online or on a set top box. A subscription for MLB TV normally runs around $100 for the season, which you won’t need any more.

To redeem the offer, you need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, register your account, and then claim the offer when it goes live in April.

Offering a free TV subscription isn’t out of the ordinary for T-Mobile. When AT&T recently launched the DirecTV Now package, it was quick to offer bill credits to cover the cost of a subscription for some customers, just to poke AT&T.

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