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'Gold Rush' Star Tony Beets Is Hoping New Ground Will Save Dismal Season

"Gold Rush" star Tony Beets is searching for an answer on how to keep his gold mining business alive, but finding new ground to dig is proving to be a near-impossible task.


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In an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode of "Gold Rush," Beets' crewmembers, including daughter, Monica, try to find new ground by testing the soil for specks of gold.

The two women on Beets' female-driven crew are seen running through the process of separating the dirt from their prospect lots before calling Tony over for a check.

When Beets arrives, he takes a turn at panning the soil samples for any trace of gold ... and things don't look good.

"So far I don't see absolutely zip," he told his dejected daughter while explaining that the ground was not worth mining.

Monica refused to give up and handed her father some more samples to pan through, but with similar results.

As we reported, Beets' mining operation hangs in the balance after he was unable to secure the proper water permits for the season.

In Alaska, miners need to get permission to tap into local water sources, and without the right documentation in place, the machines cannot be turned on.

In the wake of the blow, Beets was forced to shut down his digging sites and begin a search for new ground to mine.

Even though Beets is in a bad place, he's not the only "Gold Rush" star facing difficulties this season, as Parker Schnabel also failed to get the proper water permits.

New episodes of "Gold Rush" air Fridays at 9 PM on Discovery.