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Goldthread Plant Based Tonics Expands With Presence in Target Stores Nationwide

Los Angeles Based Company

Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics, the company founded by clinical herbalist and LAC William Siff announced they will expand nationwide via distribution in 970 Target stores.

"Goldthread’s availability at close to 1,000 Target stores aligns with our message of empowering people to drink more plants," noted William Siff founder of Goldthread. "We hope that by offering our beverages to people in every part of the country that they will learn the healing powers plants can offer."

The beverages, which will be available beginning Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 970 stores and will retail for $3.49 each. The launch will feature six SKUs that include:

  • Turmeric Radiance: Turmeric Radiance is a tonic based on Ayurvedic tradition, formulated to support optimal digestion and powerful anti-inflammatory action. It’s a robust formula of 11 different tropical spices, gathered in the pristine cardamom forests of Kerala, India for maximum potency.
  • Green Minerals: A vibrant tonic full of nutrient-dense plants, Green Minerals is made up of plants that are rich in trace elements and minerals. Green Minerals brings sheen to hair, skin and nails while strengthening bones and helping to replenish when you’re feeling depleted.
  • Hawaiian Ginger: Juicy tangerine, silky jasmine, luscious vanilla, and an assortment of spices are combined with fresh ginger grown in the volcanic soils of Hawaii to create the perfect ginger tonic. One of the most versatile health-enhancing herbs, ginger supports digestion, circulation and optimal health.
  • Mint Condition: Drinking aromatic plants is one of the great secrets of the Mediterranean people, famous for their vibrant health, and enviable longevity. This classic blend of mints and aromatic all-stars from the Mediterranean is sourced from the remote and pure alpine regions in the south of Greece along the aegean. It’s a great after-meal tonic or refresher to reach for any time of day.
  • Lavender Bliss: This delicious formula sources from the easy-going vibes of Southern France. Five kinds of flowers, including Linden, Lavender and Saffron, are sourced from the meadows of the south of Provence and blended to help to ease the nerves, soothe the system and refresh when you’re feeling wired.
  • Honey Rose: Native to coastal South Africa, this powerfully restorative tonic is as rich as the ochre soil of its homeland. Honeybush, blended with a delicious combination of bold spices and delicate flowers creates a smooth and satisfying infusion that’s rich in powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Goldthread was created with a mission to inspire people to drink more plants. Founded over 15 years ago as an apothecary and herb farm in Western Massachusetts, the plant based tonic company has since expanded its focus as the first of its kind in an entirely new category of healthy, refreshing and functional beverages. At the forefront is Goldthread founder & formulator, William Siff, who has over 20 years’ experience in the natural health and wellness world as a clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist and licensed acupuncturist. Each bottle of Goldthread is packed with 14 grams of super-herbs, spices and adaptogens that are synergistically sourced from around the world. All 11 varieties are expertly formulated to ensure you receive the functional benefits of each ingredient while enjoying a refreshing & delicious beverage you can feel good about. Goldthread is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and is certified Non-GMO with organic and vegan ingredients. Goldthread is currently offered in 12 oz bottles at select retailers nationwide. For more information please visit www.goldthreadherbs.com.

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Matthew Frappier