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'Good Morning Britain' guest calls for advent calendar ban and viewers weren't happy

Deepika Rajani

A guest appearing on Good Morning Britain angered by fans by claiming that all advent calendars should be banned.

With the first day of the advent fast approaching, GMB hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway welcomed guest Tonia Buxton and former Blue Peter host Konnie Huq to take part in a debate about whether chocolate advent calendars should be removed from the shelves.

“I’d actually quite like to ban all advent calendars,” Buxton commented leading to Garraway expressing her shock and asking to know why.

Toni Buxton declared that advent calendars should be banned when she made an appearance on Good Morning Britain (ITV)

Explaining the reason behind her shocking statement, Buxton continued to comment: “Shall I tell you why? Remember when we were children and we would have the ones with the pictures in, and we’d really have to look for the numbers and we’d get such gratification from just looking at the little bell or whatever and it was a lovely lead up to Christmas.

“So now they get chocolate straight away or they get gifts straight away, so this instant gratification is proving to cause a lot of unhappiness in children.”

Disagreeing with Buxton’s comments, Huq pointed out that advent calendars – in particular the chocolate ones – isn’t the problem.

“But that’s to do with society in general because this is the iPad generation, right?,” the ex childrens TV presenter asked.

“If they looked into a door and just saw a picture they’d chuck the advent calendar out the window and that would be that because their mentality is so different from ours. I agree we shouldn’t feed that mentality but we definitely should not be banning advent calendars.”

As the debate aired on screen, viewers watching at home shared their views and many were left annoyed by Buxton’s comments.

However, Buxton counter-argued by adding that another reason why the daily festive treat should be banned is because of all the plastic packaging.

She went on to argue: “How about the argument these calendars, because you can get them very cheaply now, they’re full of plastic.

“I’ve got four children so that’s like a whole wall of plastic in my house. The chocolates are in plastic, so there are quite a few arguments – firstly it’s rubbish chocolate a lot of the time.”

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