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Google contractors vote to unionize

Jack Morse

Tech contractors aren't going to take it anymore. 

That message was sent loud and clear by a group of Google contractors in Pittsburgh who today successfully voted to unionize with the United Steelworkers. The contractors, not directly employed by the tech giant but doing work on the company's behalf, voted 49 to 24 in favor, according to CBS Pittsburgh

The 80 employees of HCL Technologies, a self-described "next-generation global technology company" that does work on Google's behalf, alleged their direct employer applied anti-union pressure in a United Steelworkers press release

"Over the past few months, management has implied — and in some cases outright told us — that it’s better to just be quiet than fight for what’s right," HCL worker Johanne Rokholt is quoted as saying in the release. "Today we have proved that we are not willing to do that." Read more...

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