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Google Could Be On The Brink Of Overhauling Google.com To Include A Lot More Information

Jay Yarow
Google Now


Google could bring Google Now to the desktop. 

Unofficial Google blog, Google Operating System notes that code for Google Now is appearing at Google.com.

Google Now is its service that tries to give you answers before you even have questions. For instance, if your at the office at 5:30 PM, Google Now might tell you the traffic report for getting home. Or, at 10:30 PM eastern, you might see that the Phillies lost, again.

Google makes informed guesses about what you want based on your search history. It also uses information like appointments in your calendar to give you a heads up about traffic.

It can also do quick, voice-based searches like Apple's Siri.

Adding Google Now to Google.com would seriously clutter up the currently minimal design.

However, it could be an option turned on by users. It could also replace iGoogle, which was Google's personalized homepage option. Google killed iGoogle a little while ago.

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