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Google Discovers iPhone Attack

Say Contributor

Google researchers have discovered that iPhone users have been vulnerable to more than two dozen attacks for the past two years. Hacked Ahead of its upcoming September 10th product launch, Google’s Threat Analysis Group has announced that it found that a small collection of hacked websites were able to attack iPhones and install a monitoring implant. These implants would allow hackers to collect users’ text messages, photos and locations. Apple patched the vulnerability, which has existed for two years, after Google brought it to their attention, back in February. Apparently, simply visiting the websites was enough to place the iPhone in danger. Danger Zone Google’s Threat Analysis Group did not name the hacked websites, but noted “these sites receive thousands of visitors per week.” Marcus Hutchins, a popular security expert, “speculated that state-sponsored actors may be behind the attack.” Cooked? Apple is generally considered to have some of the most secure products on the market, and famously eschews the data-for-sale marketing practices Facebook and Google are often criticized for, so to have a rival point out their flaws has to sting. This is just not news that Chief Operating Executive Tim Cook needed out there, especially after he’s already had to apologize for Apple hiring third-party contractors to transcribe conversations captured by Siri, and the general slowdown of iPhone sales, as only hardcore Apple stans now feel the need to buy the latest iPhone model year after year. Apple’s new trade-in programs and financing plans have helped reduce the decline in iPhone sales to 11% from a 16% drop, and the company remains enthusiastic about its upcoming streaming service, but this is still a black eye for Apple. Maybe it’s time to get people excited by dropping another U2 album on everyone? -Michael Tedder Photo: Joshua Roberts/REUTERS