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Google Employees Are Donating To Sanders And Warren, Who Vow To Break Their Company Up

Say Contributor

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been talking a lot about reining in big tech companies during their Presidential campaigns. And it turns out a lot of Google employees are totally cool with that. Maybe Just Medium Tech? Warren has made the need to break up big-technology companies like Amazon and Google a cornerstone of her Presidential campaign, as she feels these companies have too much power and ultimately represent monopolies that are bad for the economy. Sanders has also said he is interested in breaking up tech companies, if perhaps a bit less forcefully than Warren. Back in March, Warren released a plan that would make tech companies divest some of their acquisitions, which in the case of Google means the navigation software Waze, smart home device company Nest, and ad services behemoth DoubleClick. She also wants Google to stop prioritizing its own services and products in search results. Break Me Warren has, somewhat surprisingly, begun to win over some Wall Street executives, and her knack for getting people to agree with her criticisms of them is continuing apace. Vox found that Google employees have donated $87,000 to Warren’s presidential bid so far, according to Federal Election Commission reports. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (who has also criticized big tech companies, but not to Warren and Sanders' extent) had the second highest total of Google donations at $73,300, while Sanders comes in at number three with $58,000. Get Lean Many of Google’s employees reportedly feel the move would be beneficial both for the company and society in the long term, by making it so that the Google is leaner and more efficient, and also legally forced to comply with its famous “don’t be evil” ethos. This move comes on the heels of Facebook’s co-founder saying his former company needs to be broken up. -Michael Tedder Photo: Rebecca Cook/REUTERS