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Google Is Getting Closer To Releasing A Smartwatch

Megan Rose Dickey
google smart watch concept

Adrian Maciburko/Dribbble

We now have more evidence that Google is working on a smartwatch.

Earlier this year, we reported that Google was getting closer to making a smartwatch. But now it sounds like Google has a fully functioning device. 

The smartwatch has popped up in at least three different Google offices: Berlin, Manchester, and Mountain View,  Nate Swanner of  Android Authority reports .

Motorola is reportedly making the watch, according to Swanner's sources. But the watch will need to be tethered to a smartphone in order to access the I nternet and apps.  The smartwatch's functionality and interface will reportedly be similar to Google Glass, featuring tiny "cards" with snippets of information.

Just last week, VentureBeat uncovered a Google patent for a smartwatch with Google Glass-style tapping, pinching, and stretching finger gestures. The Financial Times has also reported that Google is working on a smartwatch.

In recent months, it's been reported that other big tech companies like Samsung, LG, and Apple are working on smartwatches.

Google is gearing up for its big developers conference this week where it will make a bunch of new product announcements. We doubt the smartwatch will make an appearance at the event, but it is pretty clear Google has such a device in the works.

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