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Google Street View Car Crashes After Taking Wrong Turn

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Everyone seems to be fascinated by the idea of seeing a Google Street View car in person, but what if the car was hurtling straight toward you on a one-way street? According to The Smoking Gun, that’s exactly what happened in Little Rock, Arkansas. A Street View driver caused a T-bone collision when he realized he had turned in the wrong direction and made a U-turn going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Google’s vehicle sustained significant damage to its front end, but Dylan Case, the 22-year-old victim of the incident, said his car was totaled. A photograph from a local resident shows that the Street View car lost its front bumper in the wreck as well.

The police report cites the Street View driver, 28-year-old Alexander Spurr, for “careless or prohibited” driving. Case claims that he had a green light and can only imagine that Spurr had a red light when he came back around and ended up slamming into the side of Case’s car. Both vehicles ended up being towed at the owners’ requests.

Once the wreckage had been cleared, Case went to the hospital and was told that he had suffered bruised ribs and whiplash. He expects to miss work for at least three weeks and is planning to take Google to court over the incident.

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