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Key GOP senators express worries over Trump nominee for the Fed

Brian Cheung
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    There is so much fiat money in circulation world wide, there isn't enough gold at present prices to back it all up. The price of gold would need to go up over five times. Attempting to return to a gold standard might cause huge financial upheaval and inflation rather than the opposite.
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    Shelton advocates lowering interest rates to zero, in a relatively booming economy. Trump is piling up trillion dollar annual budget deficits. When the economy turns sour, as it will, how is the downturn to be fought with interest rates at zero?
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    Could someone please explain to me how we can return to the gold standard AND have fractional reserve banking?
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    When the dollar is devalued, your savings in banks and bonds do also.
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    Toomey will say things, and then hope voters don't notice when he votes in support of Trump. Why didn't Trump nominate Ivanka? He said she would be qualified head the World Bank.
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    A bit of dithering by Trump Party senators, but it's all for show. They never oppose Trump.
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    How about nominating QUALIFIED people for important positions instead?
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    In other news, Dr. Frankenstein reported concern over the creature he had created.
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    Funny. the republicans speak of fears and worr9es but when it comes to actually doing something for real they line up heads bowed to kiss trumps ring.
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    Not supporting Trump's* nominee would require GOP senators showing some backbone. We've seen how well that works. Just ask Susan Collins.