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GoPro soaring, Disney settles suit, China ETF hit by unrest

GoPro (GPRO) shares are higher! Again! The company unveiled the Hero4. The latest addition to the selfies on a stick, helmet or vest cam line-up can shoot in 4K, has a gazillion pixels and promises to give you the life of professional surfer Laird Hamilton. We live in an age of miracles. GoPro went public in June at $24 a share. Today shares are over $85 giving the company a market cap of just under $11 billion.

Disney (DIS) shares are off slightly but the company is breathing a sigh of relief. Late last week Disney managed to reach an out of court settlement with the family of Jack Kirby. That name may not ring a bell but Kirby was the mind behind characters like Iron Man, the X-Men, Hulk and Groot, among others. Kirby's characters form the backbone of the multi-billion dollar Marvel franchise. A win in court could have set the stage for endless fights between copyright owners and "for hire" artists behind the iconic characters and brands that form the non-verbal backbone of capitalism. The case had been in play since 2009 when Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion.

The iShares China ETF (FXI) is down over 2% and dragging the planet earth down with it. Pro-Democracy protestors in Hong Kong have shutdown the island. Hong Kong has been a special administrative region since 1997 when the British ceded control. That designation allowed Hong Kong to retain political autonomy while still being part of China. Now Beijing says it's cracking down. For its part the U.S. is saying pretty much nothing; more or less our constant stance towards China as it lurches towards capitalism.