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Got $200,000? You Can Blow It on This Diamond-Studded Gold iPhone Case

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

An iPhone case is supposed to protect your phone. But with this bad boy snapped on, you may find yourself protecting the case itself. 

Longtime luxury jeweler Buccellati has created one of the most expensive Apple product cases of all time, with prices running well into the six figures. First spotted (fittingly!) by Glamour, a Buccellati iPhone case will run you about $206,000, while an iPad case costs about $481,000. 

Yes, that’s $206,000 for an iPhone case. We are pretty sure it is not covered by AppleCare. 

In both cases (see what we did there?), the cover is etched in gold and studded with diamonds. Glamour says the design was inspired by the “solar illustrations of Leonardo Da Vinci.” To me, the case looks more like it’s inspired by the spending habits of Leonardo DiCaprio, but to each his own. 

The cases debuted this week at Baselworld, a large art and design conference in Basel, Switzerland. Jewelry reporter Katerina Perez snapped a couple of photos of the cases and shared them on Facebook: 

The cases are apparently part of Buccellati’s ongoing effort to modernize itself. Anthony DeMarco has the story at Forbes of how the 75-year-old company plans to do that with “high-tech” jewels.

Incredibly, at $200,000, the Buccellati case isn’t even close to the world’s most expensive. Designer Anita Mai Tan created a dragon-themed, diamond-encrusted iPhone case called the “Dragon and Spider” that sold for almost $900,000. 

Meanwhile, for those of us who haven’t been bought out by Facebook recently, you can get a perfectly good rubber bumper case for your iPhone for $1.75 on Amazon. 

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