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Got A Relative Who Always Posts Embarrassing Comments On Your Facebook? This Might Be A Solution

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Got a family member who is constantly embarrassing you on Facebook in front of your friends? You know: Immediately replying to all of your status updates with non sequiturs, admonitions against your profane language,or humiliating memories of you when you were in diapers?

Well, one user of the social networking site Reddit wants to help. The user, who goes by “solheard,” built an app called Family Matters (first spotted by The Daily Dot) that prevents your relatives from ruining your Facebook posts, by hiding their mortifying comments from your friends. On the flip side, it also protects your family members from the mockery and abuse of your jerk comrades.

A real win-win for your Facebook!

A sample Facebook sabotage, by a mom. Via BuzzFeed

Here’s how it works. When you post a status update through the Family Matters Facebook app, you’re really posting two status updates: One that is invisible to your friends, and one that is invisible to your family members.

So, everyone sees the same status update one time, and is able to comment on it — with their comments hidden from the other party. Your relatives get to comment on one post, with their comments visible only to other relatives; and your friends get to comment on the other, with their comments only visible to other friends. Never the twain shall meet.

The “post update” box on Facebook, using the Family Matters app. 

It’s something of a crude solution — it appears one post will always have ellipses appended to the end of the update, which isn’t ideal; and — yes! — sometimes your relatives are friends, and you want the two to mix — but it does work for super-emergency Facebook mortification situations, when you don’t want to totally block the offending party from your timeline. 

You can try out Family Matters on Facebook here. Oh — and do call your Great Aunt Ruthie. She misses you so much, Snookums!