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Got Funding? Solomon Lacy's Approach to Securing Over 25 Million In Capital For Entrepreneurs

·3 min read

Solomon Lacy III has found out exactly what people need and he has made his whole living around it. Money, everyone needs money. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand or you’re a working-class individual looking to buy a home for your family, we all could use a little extra icing on the cake for our expenditures. Fresh Start Financials Group can help you acquire the needed capital for whatever your end goal may be.

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Risky Business

When it comes to making risky investments people often buy-in using their own cash. This makes them vulnerable, possibly having to deplete their life savings or 401k accounts. For example, a single investment can have an individual being out of $40,000, or even up to $1 million, until when or if the project starts to bring in ROI. Lacy has figured out how to make these types of investments using the bank’s cash. Doing so will make it easier to take fewer hits or the ability to manage longer wait times to break even and start profiting without being strapped for cash. Whether we like it or not, stuff happens.

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Being able to pay the minimum (say $400) on a $40,000 loan while you wait for the investment to profit, will make all the difference, I promise you that. But don’t take it from me, Mr. Lacy has been in the credit and funding business since 2016, working with giants in the lending industry as being one of their primary sources for their clients, as well as assisting hundreds of his own clients in attaining capital and expanding their businesses.

Turning Tables

Lacy expanded on his main focus to lend a helping hand to working-class individuals in addition to entrepreneurs and business owners. He mentioned, “I started out my career very business owner and entrepreneur centric because that was my desired clientele. You know, I’m a business owner now, let me connect with only other business owners. I later realized I was closing the door to many everyday people who were reaching out trying to build credit and secure lending for things like cars, houses, personal loans or obtain credit cards. So, I began to change the focus of the program to meet the needs of growing personal requests.

Since then, I have been able to help thousands of individuals and families do so through my company Fresh Start Financials Group.” He’s literally been able to bring people from zero to hero, getting their life back on track and better than ever before. Unlike all the other credit gurus out there, Lacy doesn’t just fix credit, he helps rebuild lifestyles. I’ve heard countless testimonies from this guy about how they were able to get out of a bad funk, fix their credit, and obtain what they needed through Fresh Start Financial Group.

Money Trees

Through his expertise and resources, he’s been able to help his clients meet their financial goals by helping build the necessary credit to receive the capital to fund their projects. To be quite honest with all of you, hearing all about how he is able to obtain funding and repair credit and even using your credit to make you money, I was shocked, because it was the first time hearing such tactics. I had honestly always believed money didn’t grow on trees until Lacy proved it did–it just takes planting the right seeds, seeds being implementing the right credit strategies, in this case, to grow the right tree.