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Graña y Montero Successfully Concluded Capital Increase for US $ 130 MM


The Graña y Montero Group (GRAM) (BVL:GRAMONC1) today successfully concluded the capital increase approved by the General Shareholders' Meeting on November 6, 2018, by completing the subscription of 211,864,065 new common shares at a price of US $ 0.6136 per share.

The Company had a mandate from the Shareholders' Meeting to place a capital increase of up to US $ 130 million. Today, we announce with great satisfaction, that we placed the full amount, achieving in the last stage of the process an over subscription of around US $ 35 million dollars.

The placement occurred in two stages: on December 26, two preferred subscription rounds concluded, in which 69,380,402 common shares were subscribed and fully paid at a price per share of US $ 0.6136. Subsequently, in the private offer completed today, 142,483,663 common shares of the company were fully subscribed, of which 55,291,877 were paid in full and 87,191,786 shares were paid by 50%, both at a price per share of US $ 0.6136.

The funds raised in the capital increase process will serve to amortize the balance of Graña y Montero S.A.A.’s structural debt, place working capital into GyM S.A. and honor outstanding payment commitments with many of our suppliers.

Luis Diaz Olivero, Grupo Graña y Montero’s Corporate General Manager, highlighted this milestone as key for the future, as it lays a healthy foundation for growth. "We are pleased to meet this goal, as it reflects the confidence placed in the organization and its future," he said.

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