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Graham Byers Runs Two Successful Businesses With a Two-Man Team

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Graham Byers didn't initially start with his entrepreneurial journey. In fact, before diving into the world of business, he worked at a software company in San Francisco. During his time working for a company, he started work on his first internet company as a side hustle. He was able to grow his company and sell it within a year at the age of 22.

It was there and then that Graham Byers learned he had a passion for business. So he went and took the risk and began his second company as a full-time entrepreneur. The company is still currently operating, and he still runs it to this very day.

His company consists of three health brands, which include various ecommerce products. They also sell 100% online and grow the company using direct response advertising. Over his entire career, Graham Byers has owned three companies so far, including the first one that he sold off at 22 years old and another company that specializes in renovating single-family homes across San Diego and Los Angeles.

Graham Byers employs his marketing skills to find undervalued deals where he can pass on the savings to investors who are looking to renovate and flip a property. He has a lot of skills under his belt, though he considers selling direct to consumer health products using direct response advertising as his main specialty.

Across his three ecommerce brands, Graham Byers has garnered over $5,000,000 with the help of his business partner. It's incredible how much a two-man team has achieved over a short span of time. Their brands are run as lean as possible. They do not believe that a large team is necessary to bring in big numbers.

Anyone who is interested in growing their brand should learn a lot from Graham Byers. There is nobody else in the business using direct response marketing better than they are. He has scaled companies, brands, and products from A to Z, and it's no surprise given his astounding work ethic and his skillset.

Graham Byers was motivated to build his brand when he realized that he was missing an opportunity to share his fascinating story and get more coverage on what he does. He wants everyone to know that digital marketing could be as easy as one, two, three.

In the near future, Graham Byers seeks to elevate his entrepreneurial pursuits. He plans on moving toward purchasing digital marketing companies, scaling them, then exiting. He wants to start his own private equity firm that specializes in the acquisition of digital companies. He also wants to inspire others to reach for their dreams and pursue what they love.

Aside from being a widely successful entrepreneur at his age, Graham Byers also competes as an amateur kickboxer. He is currently training to have his first professional fight by the end of the year 2020.

From being a successful entrepreneur, managing to scale companies to millions of dollars despite being a two-man team, to his budding kickboxing career, Graham Byers is showing the world that it's possible to attain success if one puts in the work and does it in a smart way.

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