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Grand Theft Auto VI Announced, First Trailer in December

 A screencap from Rockstar's website on the day of GTA VI's official unveiling and trailer announcement, November 8th 2023.
A screencap from Rockstar's website on the day of GTA VI's official unveiling and trailer announcement, November 8th 2023.

After over 10 years of Grand Theft Auto V, which launched in September 2013, Rockstar Games has finally confirmed on Twitter that the next GTA game is coming, and the trailer will be dropping in early December. This is a long-awaited turn in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and one that comes after several years of anticipation.

We don't have any details on where GTA VI will be based, nor when it will be released. In 2022 there was a leak of 90 videos which showed early development gameplay. But there has not been any more information on the next hotly anticipated instalment of the popular open world game. We shall have to wait for the trailer to drop in December. What we do know is that thanks to the best GPUs we can expect improved graphics for our criminal activities.

The sheer scope and fidelity of any modern version of Grand Theft Auto V is still an impressive showcase despite how old the game actually is. Its original console releases at the tail end of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360's lifespan were (mostly) capped to 30 FPS and 720p resolution.

A year later after GTA V's initial release (in November 2014), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One kicked up the resolution to 1080p and spruced up some graphical settings while maintaining the same 30 FPS lock. It wasn't until another half-year after that (April 2015) that a 60+ FPS GTA V experience became possible, and it was only on PC for quite a long while.

Eventually, yet another console generation came that could finally, confidently handle Grand Theft Auto V at 60 FPS. Including further spruced-up visual tweaks and even ray traced shadows, Grand Theft Auto V finally launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in March 2022. Ray traced reflections were also added to this version of the game in early 2023, further sprucing up the presentation of Grand Theft Auto V one last, beautiful time.

Now that modern console and PC hardware have definitively closed the gap between the ideal vision of GTA V and the launch version of GTA V, it seems Rockstar Games is finally ready to bring us the next entry of the series. It only took two (almost three) console generations and ten years of ports, but it looks like Grand Theft Auto fans are finally eating good again.