As the 'Grand Theft Auto VI' trailer drops, Elon Musk says he's never been able to get into GTA because he can't bring himself to commit virtual crimes

Elon Musk during his interview at the NYT Dealbook Summit
Elon Musk, owner of X, at the New York Times DealBook summit.Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
  • The first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto VI" finally arrived on Monday — but Elon Musk isn't a fan.

  • He said he didn't finish GTA 5 as he couldn't bring himself to shoot virtual police officers.

  • GTA 5 is one of the most popular video games of all time, selling 190 million copies since 2015.

The internet is on fire after the first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto VI" finally dropped — but Elon Musk is unlikely to be picking up a copy when the game comes out in 2025.

The Tesla boss and X owner said he was unable to finish the worldwide smash hit GTA 5, which has sold 190 million copies since 2015, because he "didn't like doing crime."

"Tried, but didn't like doing crime," Musk wrote in a post on X.

"GTA5 required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn't do it," he said.

The trailer for GTA 6 was released on Monday, a day earlier than planned, after it was leaked on social media.

It's the latest installment in Rockstar's phenomenally successful GTA series, which is known for its extreme violence and plot lines centered on organized crime. The much-anticipated game, which is set in a fictionalized version of Miami named Vice City, is set to be released in 2025.

Musk's apparent reluctance to partake in fictionalized violence is in contrast to his recent X-rated behavior, with the SpaceX boss telling advertisers who had fled X to "go fuck yourself" in an interview at the New York Times' DealBook conference.

Musk was responding to a growing exodus of advertisers from the platform following his endorsement of an antisemitic post as the "actual truth" — something he admitted during the Dealbook interview was the most "foolish" thing he had ever posted on the site.

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