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Grant Hill leaves door open to teaming up with first lady Melania Trump to take on opioid crisis

AOL.com editors

Grant Hill said he feels it's a good thing first lady Melania Trump has taken an interest in the opioid crisis in America and didn't rule out working together. 

The NBA legend has teamed up with Dr. Paul Sethi to combat opioid overprescribing and abuse with the Choices Matter campaign. The pair is working to promote non-opioid pain management options.  

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First lady Melania Trump has shown interest in the same cause, tweeting about the opioid epidemic last month and hosting a roundtable discussion with experts and affected individuals at the White House on Thursday. 

When asked if they would be willing to team up with the White House to combat the opioid crisis, both Dr. Sethi and Hill didn't confirm they'd be on board, however, neither ruled out the option. 

"I think anytime our leadership wants to help address a medical epidemic in our country, it's a good thing," Dr. Sethi told AOL News. 

Hill agreed, adding that he thinks "it's important and a great thing when leadership" takes on an epidemic. 

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