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GraphPath launches to help businesses leverage data and optimize operations

NEW YORK, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphPath has officially launched to offer its "knowledge-graph-as-a-service" platform to help scaling businesses leverage data into actionable insights. 

For the countless enterprises with underutilized data, GraphPath is the fastest route to transforming it into valuable knowledge to guide future operations. This is because GraphPath provides industry-specific data models, visualizations, and algorithms that are a generation beyond traditional business intelligence tools – right out of the box, via a remarkably fast and simple integration.

Retailers, for example, can rely on GraphPath to address a common issue like customer churn. GraphPath's AI identifies common characteristics among customers who have visited a brick-and-mortar but left without purchasing anything, then determine which of these customers can be wooed – or not – with perks like personalized promotions or discounts based on their purchase history, streamlining marketing and identifying revenue capture opportunities.

GraphPath intends to create a library of capabilities for early customers in the retail industry as a starting focal point. These capabilities will be resold to similar businesses through a software-as-a-service model.

"GraphPath is laser-focused on helping companies take their operational intelligence to the next level via our knowledge graph platform, which connects big data and next-gen AI." said Toby Matejovsky, CEO and founder of GraphPath. "Underutilized data is a huge missed opportunity for companies, and we're committed to making it fast and easy to solve that issue."

Additional data, models, and algorithms added to the platform become available to others, creating a value network. When a customer's business "operating system" uses GraphPath's platform, they get access to each new asset just by being plugged in, supercharging a company's digital transformation.

With an eye on accelerated growth, GraphPath will collaborate with idea-to-exit company builder and consulting firm Rokk3r Inc. (ROKK) to leverage its international network of technologists, designers and marketers, and its extensive expertise building and scaling early-stage, exponential tech startups.

"Rokk3r is a key business partner for us, with a great network and proven track record of innovation. Together we are going to build something amazing," Matejovsky said.

"We were immediately captivated by GraphPath when we acknowledged the extent to which it can leverage AI to visualize data and empower businesses across just about any sector with insights they might not even know they need," said Germán Montoya, Rokk3r Chief Exponential Officer. "Given our background developing numerous big data- and AI-driven companies, we were eager to collaborate with Toby and his team to bring their vision to life and better equip companies everywhere with rich information."

About GraphPath
GraphPath super-powers your business awareness and decision-making ability by providing a fast and simple way to apply a meaningful AI strategy to your company's data. GraphPath creates and manages enterprise-scale knowledge graphs tailored to an array of industries, providing partners with real-time insights and unprecedented awareness that are essential for operational intelligence and success in today's competitive business landscape. To learn more about Graphpath, visit graphpath.ai.

About Rokk3r Inc.
Rokk3r is a company builder headquartered in Miami, Florida, that enables aspiring entrepreneurs and established companies to successfully launch exponential, tech-driven businesses. By leveraging Rokk3r's global network of engineers, designers and educators, such groundbreaking companies as Hyp3r, AdMobilize, Joule.AI, Uniko, and Emerge have been #PoweredByRokk3r. To learn how Rokk3r transforms businesses from traditional to exponential, visit rokk3r.com and follow Rokk3r on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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