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Greater Pacific Construction Unveils The 5 Biggest Factors That Affect Your Construction Project

Kaveh Zabeti President and CEO of Greater Pacific Construction

TUSTIN, Calif., Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaveh Zabeti has garnered almost 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, working for some of the most prominent residential and commercial construction firms in Southern California. With experience that ranges from sales and supervision to project engineering and project management, Mr. Zabeti has been involved in commercial tenant improvements, hospitality, medical facilities, mixed-use commercial projects, custom home construction and remodeling, and multi-unit construction projects. As a result, he has identified the top 5 key factors that successful construction projects share, including:

  1. Informed Project Owner(s). It's imperative the owner understands the work and the details of the project, including material quality and construction methods. Taking the time to familiarize the owner with the work early in the process is a good investment and ensures quick decision-making on the project.
  2. The Right Design Team. An experienced design team that works well together can make a huge different in the overall success of a project.
  3. The Right Construction Company. The right General Contractor understands the project and is flexible and reactive enough to deal with unforeseen obstacles.
  4. The Right Attitude. Maintaining a positive and healthy atmosphere between the General Contractor, Design Staff and Project Owner can dramatically impact the success of a construction project.
  5. The Right Schedule. Developing and adhering to the project schedule is crucial, as even small missteps can have dramatic consequences down the road.
Kaveh Zabeti, President and CEO, Greater Pacific Construction

Mr. Zabeti's dedication to the 5 factors described above and his knowledge and experience are well-respected throughout his industry and his community.

Ian Gardiner, an executive vice president at R.D. Olson Construction, a leading hospitality construction firm in Irvine, California, has said, "Kaveh's enthusiasm and level of energy in his work gets transferred onto the job which has ultimately led to his success in the construction industry."

Located in Orange County, California, Kaveh Zabeti, currently serves as the President of Greater Pacific Construction, one of the most successful construction companies in Orange County, California. Under his leadership, Greater Pacific Construction was able to sustain itself through the recent recession while continuing to deliver quality construction services to its clients.

Greater Pacific Construction owes its reputation for its commitment to quality and creativity to Kaveh Zabeti. For more information, please visit GreaterPacificConstruction.com.

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