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10. Mr. Potato Head (1952)

In 1952, a small, family-run business called Hasbro put out what is, objectively, a pretty weird toy: a set of tiny face and body parts designed to be stuck into a potato. The idea went viral — decades before “viral” became a thing — thanks to the world’s first TV commercial aimed directly at kids. Mr. Potato Head sold millions and is generally recognized as the first Christmas toy craze.

The Greatest Must-Have Holiday Gifts and Gadgets in History, Ranked

Of the many contributions America has made to the world — baseball, jazz, zombie movies — perhaps the weirdest is the holiday toy craze. Each year, as gift-giving season rolls around, some random artifact of pop culture surfaces as the year’s must-have toy. As parents scramble to buy the next new thing, retail assaults spike and Walmart fistfights ensue — just like the Founding Fathers intended.

Here we rank the Top 10 (mostly techie) holiday toy crazes of all time.

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