Green Beli - A Gaming Project with A $400k Initial Commitment Toward the Environmental Protection

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TORTOLA, BVI / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2021 / NFT Game fans who are concerned about environmental issues must be no stranger to the name Green Beli - The first eco-friendly Gamefi. Green Beli was inspired by the aspiration to combine the blockchain gaming world with the notions of environmental awareness and sustainability. In their commitment towards a meaningful contribution to environmental activities world-wide, Green Beli established the Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund (GEPF), with the initial commitment of $400K.

After completing the IDO on BSC Station and listing on Pancakeswap last September, the Green Hero summoning event had been executed successfully through 20,000 Tree seeds sales. They have recently announced the launch of NFT Marketplace for their Green Hero traders. What's more, Green Beli's users, also known as Greenbies, are getting hyped for the next exciting events: the game testnet and mainnet as well as land sales.

More than just play-to-earn, it's "play for the Earth"

Founded in 2019, they are well established in eco-friendly activities and have contributed greatly to the environment-loving community by building a network of eco-friendly locations, called Green Map. Their new game, also called Green Beli, is a further testament to that. Apart from that, Green Beli also has a bigger vision to combine Green Map, the original project with the gameplay, and simulate the real world on the metaverse.

In order to accelerate their mission of making positive contributions to the environment all over the world , Green Beli has been proactively collaborating with environmental groups and their community in various countries, including the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, India, Spain, Russia, Bangladesh, Persian, China,… to develop new environmental initiatives. Green Beli believes that each Greenbie can be an active local ambassador. The Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund (GEPF) and Green Beli Eco Club will therefore be the roots for all these meaningful activities.

Revolutionizing the NFT Gaming landscape with a solid roadmap

The funding round witnessed participation from BSCStation, Basics Capital and some of the biggest names in the blockchain venture capital. Onebit, FIM Ventures, AU21, X21, and Momentum 6 were some of the prominent names involved. Green Beli raised $1.1M funding, highlighting the ecosystem growth around environment and sustainability. Green Beli was also selected as one of the top 6 gaming projects in Game2Blockchain event accelerated by Axie Infinity, Tomo Chain, Kyber Network and other partners.

Player characters will be in the form of trees with different stats and attributes upgradeable by playing through the game. Depending on player progress, their trees will be of different rarities and an NFT marketplace will allow inter-trading between players.

In addition to this players will also be allowed to buy land which they can use to grow more NFT trees and grow their collections. These trees don't just sit on the land either, they can be used for farming to generate real rewards as well as for PVP content which will allow you to put your best trees, joining turn-based boss battles with other NFT Treed to save the planet. Especially in the future, users can play and earn rewards as vouchers to use in various shops and convenience stores. Not only that, just one NFT tree in the Green Beli world can represent an actual tree you can own in real life and earn profits from that real tree.

About Green Beli

Green Beli NFT Game is the first eco-friendly GameFi on a green mission of utilizing the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for environmental activities around the world.

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