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Green Packaging Taking the Reins From Plastic, Says Infiniti Research

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The world is turning green: from environmentally-friendly energy sources, cosmetics, food products, and electronics, consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase products that are not negatively impactful on the environment and are manufactured and sourced in an ethical way. These environmental concerns extend even to the packaging that products come in, a factor that is leading to the significant growth of the global green packaging market. This market, according to Infiniti Research, is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 8% by 2020.

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The production of green packaging (also referred to as sustainable packaging) involves much more than just the materials used. The entire supply chain should be examined when producing green packaging to ensure that actions and business practices at each stage are environmentally-friendly and ethically sound, and should ensure that the final product will be used in a way that reduces or eliminates the potential for any harmful impact on the environment. Green packaging meets the needs of today’s consumers while helping to make the world a more sustainable and healthy place for future populations. The adoption of green packaging is especially important in regions with high urban populations.

Market Trends

EnviGreen, an Indian green packaging and biotechnology company, is one of the top packaging businesses at the forefront of the growing green movement. EnviGreen, founded by Mangalore-born and Qatar-based entrepreneur Ashwath Hegde, makes bags, films, and other packaging products that are 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and organic. EnviGreen’s bags naturally degrade in approximately 180 days, and the process can be reduced to a single day when they are submerged in water. Their ingredients—natural starch and vegetable oils—are also entirely edible, making them harmless to animals who might eat discarded or improperly-disposed-of bags. EnviGreen’s products are also affordable, a factor that will surely boost their popularity and adoption in the face of increasing bans on plastic throughout India. At the beginning of this year, Delhi banned the use of all disposable plastics, a move that is meant to combat increasing pollution and environmental damage caused by plastic throughout the city. Many consumers and manufacturers alike may not be able to afford a large number of reusable cloth bags, and will turn to green packaging solutions like EnviGreen to keep costs and pollution down.

How Can Infiniti Research Help?

Growing environmental concerns and the unique challenges faced by different industries and regions when trying to adopt eco-friendly products and initiatives make market intelligence a necessity. Vendors need to especially be aware of specific environmental trends, hazards, and regulations in different countries in order to determine where their products will be most successful.

Infiniti Research can help identify target consumer groups, regions, and industries for your green packaging products, and can assist you in building strategies and initiatives that will best lead your business towards success. Their latest packaging research project helped a global manufacturer of plastic packaging and protection products understand the marketability of their products in South America, providing the client with an in-depth analysis of the surgical disposables market.

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