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Greenery Map Launches 'Menu Mode,' a Tablet-Friendly Menu Hosting Platform for Marijuana Dispensaries

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenery Map, the world's first and only cannabis search engine to allow users to search for cannabis products based on their desired mood, medicinal use, and method of consumption, has launched Menu Mode, a new in-app feature allowing dispensaries and CBD stores to display their product menu on tablets to customers. This new in-app feature is available for free to all registered dispensaries and CBD stores. With Menu Mode, Greenery Map integrates into a store's POS system to automatically add and remove products as they are bought and sold. This way, products are always up-to-date without additional work from store employees.

Guide to using Menu Mode.

Customers can utilize Menu Mode in two different ways: the results-based 'Choose Your Mood' process that Greenery Map is known for, or a generic search ability. Once a customer chooses a strain, he or she is presented with a multitude of information about said strain, including both positive and negative effects, background information, and user reviews. This process helps to educate the customer without the use of budtenders, giving budtenders the opportunity to focus on upselling rather than educating. This will lead to shorter lines and shorter wait times, leading to a better customer experience. Soon, stores will be able to cut out the budtender entirely for customers who choose to add products from Menu Mode directly into a check out cart to pick up from a counter at your store.

About Greenery Map
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Greenery Map launched in 2018, giving marijuana consumers the quickest and easiest roadmap to finding their perfect strain. Greenery Map gives the consumer the power to dictate exactly what they are looking for. By inputting consumption method, mood desired and medicinal need into the search engine, anyone from the novice to the connoisseur can find the strain that perfectly suits their needs, and the dispensaries that carry it, all in one place.

Greenery Map also offers unique services to businesses. The software can integrate with a dispensary's inventory API/POS systems to offer live menus to users. Through their partnership with PayHouse, Greenery Map brings cannabis businesses the chance to open a compliant bank or merchant account. Additionally, through a partnership with RoveTek, Greenery Map offers web and app development to cannabis businesses.



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