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Greenery Map Teams up with Rovetek to Offer Web and App Development Services for Cannabis Businesses

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenery Map, the world's first and only cannabis search engine to allow users to search for cannabis products based on their desired mood, medicinal use, and method of consumption, has teamed up with Rovetek to offer web and app development services tailored to cannabis industry businesses. Specializing in the cannabis industry, Rovetek can help dispensaries and CBD/accessory shops create eye-catching online stores on both traditional web and app platforms, introducing or improving upon existing pre-order and delivery sales. Business to business players in the industry will also find great value in Rovetek's ability to showcase their products and design secure payment portals for easy billing and payment collection.

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With Rovetek, all software is entirely customizable to meet the needs of the business. User experience (UX) and industry research are at the forefront of all development decisions, bringing visitors the best user interface (UI) to suit the business' goals.

The Rovetek team is made up of talented developers, designers, marketing, and project managers who are highly qualified experts in the technology market. Their targeted specialization and ability to adapt to local and global markets offers them the opportunity to go into depth with the specific area and deliver the best product for a given industry. This targeted specialization technique has allowed the Rovetek team to become experts in the cannabis market.

About Greenery Map
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Greenery Map launched in 2018, giving marijuana consumers the quickest and easiest roadmap to finding their perfect strain. Greenery Map gives the consumer the power to dictate exactly what they are looking for. By inputting consumption method, mood desired and medicinal need into the search engine, anyone from the novice to the connoisseur can find the strain that perfectly suits their needs, and the dispensaries that carry it, all in one place.

Greenery Map also offers unique services to businesses. The software can integrate with a dispensary's inventory API/POS systems to offer live menus to users. Through their partnership with PayHouse, Greenery Map brings cannabis businesses the chance to open a compliant bank or merchant account. Additionally, through a partnership with Rovetek, Greenery Map offers web and app development to cannabis businesses.

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