GreenVision Systems and Hemp Adobe Form Strategic Alliance to Manufacture Hemp Products in Puerto Rico

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 31, 2016) - StereoVision Entertainment Inc. (OTC PINK: SVSN), a publicly traded Nevada company, announced today that their jointly owned Puerto Rico medical cannabis and hemp products manufacturing company GreenVision Systems has formed a strategic alliance with Hemp Adobe to manufacture for export and for Puerto Rico's domestic markets an assortment of hemp based home building products.

"Hemp Adobe ( is a pioneer in the development of hemp-based products for the construction industry," said StereoVision's CEO, Jack Honour. "What is Hemp Adobe? Hemp Adobe is a proprietary mix of refractories, mineral dust, natural fibers, sand, and water. The advantage to using this mix is there is no toxic off-gas from casting materials into the finished product. It sequesters carbon dioxide environmentally as part of the curing process, forming a petrified state. Hemp Adobe can be engineered to any volume of space and into any shape needed. Hemp Adobe is 60% of the weight of conventional concrete and the strength of the material eliminates the need for rebar. Basalt is a Hemp Adobe base material so corrosion does not occur. Hemp Adobe is an efficient natural insulator allowing thermal exchange and is a natural biocide as well. This is one of the many hemp products GreenVision plans to manufacture in Puerto Rico in conjunction with our medical cannabis business.

"Hemp products popularity has been growing exponentially around the world," added GreenVision's COO, Walter Marrero Melendez Esq. "With Puerto Rico's very attractive business tax rates along with many other valuable incentives, GreenVision is planning to manufacture a wide variety of hemp-based products that will be certified to the highest standards while maintaining a competitive edge in pricing."

StereoVision Entertainment Inc. ( headquartered in Las Vegas StereoVision (SVE) is a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC PINK: SVSN) focused on creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content, and the medical marijuana and hemp industries. SVE is generating a variety of Intellectual Properties and technologies for the many existing and emerging content distribution platforms. SVE is also focused on the legal cultivation, manufacturing, and transportation of medical cannabis products in Puerto Rico, our planned state of the art medical cannabis facility, and hemp products manufacturing through our jointly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary GreenVision Systems.

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