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Grex and Trivial Officially Cooperate to Expand Asian Market

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / In 2020, the global financial market is booming and developing prosperously. The investment channels are further developing in a diversified way while huge funds are seeking new ways to maintain its value. Since time, investment in foreign exchange has become one of the most crucial financial products, which featured over 170 types of currency, daily trading volume more than 6 trillion dollars, 24h operation mode, high liquidity, low volatility and other unique advantages. Foreign exchange has become the jewel for market capital to pursue for and sat as the leader of financial investment.

When the tide of the times approaches quietly, those with acute market sense and insight into trends of market opportunity will create the unprecedented market wealth.

Hence, Grex Capital Limited (GCL) and Trivial Capital Limited (a member of Foreign Exchange Regulatory Agency of Canada) have established a strong alliance, officially announced the intention of strategic collaboration in multiple finance products on X X, 2020. With the launch GAA1.0 Enhance Investment Product, it amplifies Trivial Capital in terms of EA Smart Transaction System and Foreign Exchange Flow Provider Platform, jointly expansion into Asian financial market and provides customers with the maximum returns combined with Grex Capital's rich experience in fund foreign exchange investment and financial service fields.

As an established international fund investment and asset management company, Grex Capital was founded in 2013 with headquarter in Labuan, the international commercial financial center in Asia-Pacific area. For years, Grex Capital's professional investment team, with its abundant investment experience and management expertise, has assisted the investee companies to plan and execute enterprise development strategies, realizing the best capital structure to support the strategic development, achieve the value recreation of service enterprises and complete a number of representative fund-raising projects from fund structure optimization and enterprise industrial structural upgrading with the total accumulated transaction amount over 2 billion dollars. The involving fields are: real estate, farming, production, resort development, green energy and so on.

Grex Capital always maintain a strict compliance in ordnance of the criteria formulated by top financial regulatory institutions with it cores values as adherence to practical experience, promoting talent training as one of its core operation framework and constructing diversified portfolios as management mode, and provides customers with the maximum capital security assurance and the maximum capital profit returns. Grex Capital aims to become a long-term strategic partner worthy of customers' trust. In addition, Grex Capital is devoted to seek the institutions with quality investment strategies in various industries and realizing the cross-industrial integration of industrial capital and financial capital through direct investment. It was once praised as Top 10 Potential Fund Companies After 2020, through which its international industrial integration vision and industrial investment strengths can also be seen.

Meanwhile, as a company founded in 2015 that cooperated with several foreign exchange flow providers with international regulatory licenses, Trivial Capital Limited devotes to build Trivial Capital financial investment platform that focuses on EA smart transaction system and enterprise management with years of experience in white label to main label and is better at managing enterprise accounts and joint venture accounts. In 2019, Trivial Capital formally became a member of Foreign Exchange Regulatory Agency of Canada with application of EA smart transaction system and professional foreign exchange traders to conduct a series of foreign exchange hedging and precious metal transactions in MT5 field. In view of financial regulation, the transaction flow of Trivial Capital is strictly supervised by the authoritative financial regulation institution FINTRAC (MSB).

It was reported that GCL have profoundly discuss with Trivial Capital on the future development prospects in Asian financial market, gain with the pace of era development, cooperate to build a global professional financial trade think-tank institution with more international standards, focally launch the products of "truth seeking, reality seeking, stability seeking, rationality, financial management, concept", jointly formulate GAA1.0 development cooperation strategy, create the most powerful financial transaction assistant for customers combined with EA smart transaction system, positively realize LFSP (financial supervision), trust regulation institutions, Canada business administration, four-party supervision and fund safety management of Foreign Exchange Regulatory Agency, achieve the capital security assurance and reduce the transaction and investment risks to the maximum. In addition, GAA1.0 strongly creates the dual-pool configuration. Compound interest transaction and price difference transaction make profits, realize GAA1.0 dual-pool transaction strategy, arrange professional traders to watch the stock market in four stages of one whole day depending on professional EA smart transaction system, cooperate to realize the maximization of investors' interests combined with advantages in various fields like fund management (risk control management and trader), trust (security and capital custody) and foreign exchange (STP and EA system stable profit).

Decha Artid, CEO of Grex Capital, said on the formal cooperation conference, "2020 is a year of ups and downs, a year with both challenges and opportunities. Faith moves mountains. For years, Grex always sticks to the era mission of creating value for investors and the investment concept of being the creator of investment values. The cooperation between Grex Capital and Trivial Capital is exactly the ship sailing on the tides of the times for a great number of investors to open up a road to wealth."

The moment to shape innovative thinking of global finance and open the door to wealth has arrived. The cooperation between Grex Capital and Trivial Capital Limited will provide customers in Asia-Pacific area with all-round services, lay the solid foundation for 2020, prepare for the cause in the next decade and convey scientific concepts for financial management products. The history will witness the brilliance in the next century with us.


Steven Wong
+6017-359 7357

SOURCE: Grex Capital

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