Groceries and Essential Delivery Service, Buggy Launches a New Buggy Store in London, Ontario, Canada, to Service the University of Western and Fanshawe Campuses

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Toronto - (NewMediaWire) - October 4, 2022 - Canada-based rapid grocery delivery business Buggy announces the opening of its new store downtown in London, Ontario. The aim of the new initiative is to deliver groceries and other essentials to consumers much faster, cheaper, and without ever substituting. By opening their dark stores (called the "Buggy Stores" in their app) it enables them to source their own products at wholesale prices. They also have full time couriers with electric bikes that enable them to deliver as fast as 15 minutes, since they don't have to rely on gig workers to drive to a large store, park, shop and schedule a delivery. Furthermore, their app will only ever show a consumer exactly what is on the shelf at that exact moment, in the closest Buggy store without receiving a substituted product.

"As a University of Western alumni who lived in London for 4 years, I am so pleased that we are able to launch this service here. Three of the core Buggy management team also went to the University of Western and we all remember the feeling of how hard it was to access essentials, especially living on campus or if you didn't have a car. Plus, we never had time for it! This is the future of retail in general, and I know the tech savvy student population will be early adopters - hence why we chose London for one of our first launch locations," said Nicole Verkindt, CEO of Buggy.

Buggy is a "groceries and essentials" App which facilitates online purchases from their dark stores (ie. micro warehouses that you can not enter from the street) by only ordering online. The company controls its inventory, which is set up in these small micro warehouses located in highly dense cities across Canada. They compile goods wholesale and sell them at retail prices to their customers, and this enables Buggy to make groceries and other essentials affordable in comparison to other stores. With a full-time dedicated delivery team enabling customers to receive their orders within 15 minutes, Buggy App displays a live inventory feed to the closest store to ensure efficiency.

"Overall, our customers range from University students on campus to seniors across Canada. Our legacy business is shopping in 3rd party retail stores, where our personal shoppers pick, pack and deliver your groceries while ensuring that the quality and freshness are the best. That business is still very strong, but I am personally most excited about the future of our Buggy stores, where we are investing and innovating on the model," concludes Nicole Verkindt, CEO of Buggy.


Buggy, formerly known as InABuggy, was Founded in 2014 by Julian Gleizer and his wife Julie Gleizer. Buggy started opening its own stores called Buggy Stores recently. It delivers from 50+ retail partners to customers in Toronto (and the Greater Toronto Area), Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary and more. Buggy served as a grocery shopping and delivery platform for Canadians from coast to coast, particularly during the height of the Covid pandemic.

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