GroGuru Admitted by The Yield Lab to Its Next Accelerator Cohort

Patrick Henry, former Entropic CEO and founding CEO of GroGuru, brings his vast experience of building and growing tech businesses to the Yield Lab accelerator program.

LA JOLLA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2020 / Patrick Henry, former Entropic CEO, and CEO of GroGuru, brings his decades of entrepreneurial experience to the prestigious AgTech accelerator program. GroGuru has been selected as one of six companies as part of The Yield Lab Accelerator Program. The Yield Lab's mission is to enable entrepreneurs to sustainably revolutionize agrifood systems. They do this by investing in, and accelerating, high-impact early-stage companies all around the world. In parallel, they provide education resources and ecosystem building support through their non-profit branch, the Yield Lab Institute.

"Water management and conservation is a critical issue in many growing areas. GroGuru has developed a new sensor and a unique platform to actively manage irrigation," said Pat Pinkston, Managing Director at The Yield Lab. "We're excited to be a part of their efforts to enable strategic irrigation management."

"GroGuru is thrilled to be part of the Yield Lab Accelerator Cohort," said Patrick Henry, president and CEO of GroGuru. "Admission to this program gives GroGuru unprecedented access to key customers and potential strategic partners in the agriculture space."

The Yield Lab accelerator program is slated to begin in St. Louis, MO on the week of March 23, 2020.

About GroGuru

GroGuru is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA that provides precision soil and irrigation monitoring systems to the commercial agriculture industry. GroGuru is focused on enabling farmers to increase crop yields while optimally use water, energy and other scarce resources in a sustainable way. GroGuru sells an innovative hardware-enabled subscription-based solution to farmers that enables optimal irrigation. GroGuru's patented 100 percent wireless underground system (WUGS) enables a permanent installation of soil sensors, even in annual field crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and sorghum, that have a destructive harvest. GroGuru's WUGS-based systems can be buried below the till depth and communicate through several feet of soil wirelessly, thus eliminating the need for the sensors to be annually installed and removed for seeding and harvesting, respectively, for these annual crops. GroGuru is a portfolio company at the EvoNexus technology incubator, the premier technology incubator in Southern California. You can find GroGuru online at

About The Yield Lab

The Yield Lab enables entrepreneurs to sustainably revolutionize agrifood tech systems globally in order to sustainably feed the world. We do this through our accelerators in St. Louis, Missouri (North America); Buenos Aires, Argentina (Latin America); and Dublin, Ireland (Europe), and now in Singapore (Asia Pacific). Each accelerator invests $100,000 in early stage agrifood tech companies, provides network focused programming with an emphasis on customers, collaborators, and capital, and provides mentorship from our team of agribusiness experts. For more information, please visit

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