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Command--Shift--Rewire - Unleash the Power of your Subconscious

MONTREAL, Oct. 1, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - It took 40 years of rehearsal, 10 years of piloting and 3 years of research to lead SCYiBL to bring to life it's six step process with this first ever animation using three parts of the brain, the Amygdala, Hippocampus & Prefrontal cortex. This milestone event finally brings tackling mental health issues to the forefront in a meaningful but fun way.

Logo: SCYiBL (CNW Group/SCYiBL)
Logo: SCYiBL (CNW Group/SCYiBL)

SCYiBL (Strategically Customizing Your inner Brain Levels) is the formula behind the animation based on the novel intervention for youth, Kids Write Network. SCYiBL places the spotlight on three parts of the brain that are heavily involved in processing experiences and managing emotions and reactions. The desired outcome of the animation is to engage youth and adults alike, to encourage this six step self- applying method that has shown to rewire your own thinking patterns and achieve positive mindsets.

SCYiBL is not a tool, or a process, it is a guide through the mechanics that our own brain already uses. The three characters in the animation represent the parts of the brain that work with SCYiBL. The purpose of this concept is to simplify the ease in which all of us can adopt the SCYiBLizing methodology to foster a stronger sense of empowerment and the ability to control our emotions during these difficult times that might otherwise make too many feel isolated and unable to cope. The animation designer, Nedward Rehanek, a 19 year old studying in Game Design and Development at Sir Wilfried Reid University in Brantford Ontario, took great care to make the characters gender neutral and non-identifying with any single culture. This is meant to symbolize how the brain does not disparage when dealing with emotions; the brain, as a part of everyone's anatomy, uses the same universal process whether one is black, white, gay, straight, male, or female. Ms Georgaklis has always believed that engaging the youth in the development of her programs is the reason for their successes. Overall, the animation paints a simplified picture of a single brain process to provide everyone a sneak- peek into a positive approach to making mental health more accessible, affordable and fun while using these three characters to navigate through daily challenges.

SCYiBL, a mental health revolution

SCYiBL's formula sets a path for growth by uncovering what matters most to an individual; turning weakness into strengths. It was a branching out of the non-profit organization Kids Write Network and Soldiers Write Network, SWN or KWN. Helen Georgaklis, founder of KWN, SWN and SCYiBL, started this journey with a simple observation of how children tend to listen to their friends more spontaneously than to their parents. As such, she built the KWN that covers 7 competencies and is used in classrooms as a writing project. She then piloted the program at the Montreal Children's Hospital which lead to the research at McGill.1

KWN's reach has extended beyond elementary and high schools in Montreal, to high and low-functioning autistic youth, cancer survivors of different ages, as well as soldiers dealing with PTSD. Ms. Georgaklis created the 6 steps that allowed for KWN's success, which became the basis for SCYiBL.

Julie Gaucher, co-founder, Vice President and CEO of Sutton Quebec, was the first to see its value on a corporate-level—implementing the tool in 2018 with brokers and franchisees.

Recently, during this difficult period of COVID-19, SCYiBL has partnered with the Mouvement Santé Mentale Quebec and their Ecriture Jeunesse initiative offering its 6-step program to the youth (12 to 25 years old) in the Province of Quebec in an effort to promote resilience (please see https://www.mouvementsmq.ca/sites/default/files/fiches_danimation_intervenants.pdf and https://www.mouvementsmq.ca/sites/default/files/communique_-_projet_decriture_jeunesse.pdf).

The animation is the beginning of SCYiBL's efforts to provide everyone easy access and an affordable means to tackling burdens of mental health. Ms Georgaklis has seen people rewire their thinking process by the 3rd step which has helped them face their current challenges with more ease and positivity.

SCYiBL taps into the way we internalize what we focus on and shifts our perception to focus on WHY. We are then able to cope better, manage our daily challenges with more resilience all the while creating a SCYiBLized world. Imagine existing among positive minded people…

1 https://braincanada.ca/fr/funded_grants/evaluation-kids-write-network-kwn-intervention-children-severely-ill-parents-qualitative-quantitative-pilot-study/




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