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Groupon Founder Andrew Mason's Music Album Will Drop On iTunes And Spotify Later This Month

Alyson Shontell
Andrew Mason piano music album


Andrew Mason studied piano and was a music major at Northwestern.

When Andrew Mason left his role as CEO of Groupon, he was uncharacteristically serious about his next move.

He said he'd be moving to California, joining Y Combinator, and working on a music album. The album is called "Hardly Workin" and Mason tells The Wall Street Journal it will be available this month on Spotify and iTunes. There are seven fairly serious tracks which target young professionals.

Mason is a talented pianist and was a music major in college, so an album isn't a strange hobby for the Groupon founder to pursue. Mason hasn't revealed any lyrics or song titles because he wants his album to "speak for itself." No label is representing him.

His music career is just one of multiple new ventures. Mason is also working on a startup that will "touch on e-commerce."

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