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Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. Shareholder Update

LAS VEGAS, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO)

June 10, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. a Nevada Corporation (the "Company") and its subsidiaries are pleased to update its shareholder base exciting and determined progress on all fronts.

The Company's next plan of use for its AeroPods is to begin with its Pure Root Urban Farms ("Urban Farms"). Urban Farms will be the Company's "Beyond Organic", hyper local food growing arm of the Company; wherein, Urban Farms will build out AeroPod platforms in cities and then sell the produce to locals and restaurants, thus allowing them to have fresh produce that is grown without the use of herbicides, or pesticides year-round.

Urban Farms has built out its website, which is located at www.purerootsfarms.com and has begun to search for partners to enter into Joint Venture opportunities; wherein, Urban Farms will purchase AeroPods from AeroGrow and set up small vertical farming facilities in cities throughout North America. The main goal of Urban Farms is to raise and sell high quality crops that will be grown without the use of herbicides, or pesticides and hyper local. Due to the Aeropod's closed loop system, water is recycled, and nutrients topped up as needed and/or detected. This technology uses 95% less water, and significantly less nutrients as there is no run-off and little evaporation. Pure Roots will have little to no carbon footprint as their produce is available locally, the facility can operate off of renewable energy sources, and offers reusable packaging.

Urban Farms has been testing its proposed business plan over the past year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; wherein, it has received great reviews from restaurants and their chefs.

Bailey Fischl, Urban Farms CEO and Director stated, "I am passionate about health and confident that we can make a lasting impact on the world of food. Globally, we struggle with getting nutritiously dense produce to people fast enough. With today's growing complexity of environmental and human health problems, I feel Pure Roots can be at the cusp of a food revolution. Globally, consumers are demanding traceability, sustainability, plant-based diets, that are grown without herbicides and pesticides which creates a nutritiously nutrient dense food – the amazing thing is, Pure Roots Urban Farms can address all those areas."

Urban Farms plans on setting up the AeroPods in urban locations where they can operate with a store front that serves walk-in customers. Enjoy a cup of organic coffee or a plant-based smoothie on the pop-up patio while you wait for your freshly cut order or enjoy your greens in our uplifting space. We plan on setting up a mobile unit, at first, to not only test the market and location but because it is easily expandable for the business's future growth by adding additional AeroPods for a larger facility.

We believe that our Urban Farm facilities and growing fresh produce locally will solve many issues with produce, especially produce purchased during the winter months. Typically produce is picked before the peak nutrient density has been achieved in order for the produce to be able to be shipped to markets without going bad. Which is why the shelf life of produce is generally very limited once it arrives at its final destination. Growing in our local Urban Farm AeroPods will also reduce the need or even eliminate the need all together for the use of pesticides, as well as removing many of the causes of disease outbreaks, like listeria which is typically introduced by animals or soil contamination.

Urban Farms plans on focusing on the microgreen markets and has the ability to grow microgreens in the AeroPod's attached nursery units. These plants contain the highest nutrient density and also have a very high revenue potential. Some of the microgreens we will be focusing on are Purple Kohlrabi, Thai Basil, Rainbow Chard, and Triton Radish to name a few. Edible flowers have also been a popular produce item; Violas, Dianthus, Marigolds, and Calendula flowers are a few that have been a hit with bakers and chefs.   

Accounting and Financial Update:

The Company and its financial team have been working due diligently to complete their financials. Due to the update to the OTC Markets reporting requirements that has been implemented the process has taken longer than expected. The Company now believes that it should have those filings finished and posted with the OTC Markets during this month, as long as there are no additional unforeseen setbacks.

About AeroGrow

AeroGrow Manufacturing Corp. ("AeroGrow"), is a fully owned subsidiary of Pure Roots, and the exclusive manufacturer of the AeroPod. The AeroPod designed and tested by Farm Boys Design Corp., has been developed over the past 2 years.

The controlled technological environment of an AeroPod mimics perfect natural conditions through sensors and controllers, creating the optimal growing environment for food or cannabis. By monitoring and regulating the closed-loop environment of an AeroPod, it has proven to produce market leading yields of many leafy greens, tender leaf produce and cannabis.

More details on the Food Production AeroPod:

  • The grow room is 550 sq./ft and contains 104 grow columns with 88 grow spaces in each. A total of 9,152 plants can be grown at any given time.
  • Each AeroPod contains a nursery that ensures your grow room is being utilized as soon as you harvest. Just simply replace your harvest with new plants and begin the growth cycle again.
  • The ideal growing environment is monitored and controlled by proprietary monitoring hardware and software. The automation will be updated with optimized growth patterns as they are available to keep your yields the highest possible.


At this point we are moving forward rapidly in pursuing the Pure Roots opportunities involving the exploitation of its exciting AeroPod food production technology and the commercialization of the AeroPod grow systems. 


Read more about the Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Pure Roots Holding, Ltd., on our official website, as well as further information about the Company and its latest news releases at http://www.aerogrowmanufacturing.com , www.purerootsfarms.com , www.grsoinvest.com .


Chad Fischl
Chief Executive Officer and Director
PO Box 2869 
Jackson, WY 83001 
(360) 612-0180

Source:  Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO) 
Released June 10, 2019


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