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Grush your teeth: new device turns oral hygiene into a game

Grush your teeth: new devices aims to make oral hygiene fun for kids
(Digital Trends)

From new smartphones, electric cars, virtual reality devices, drones and wearable technology, there will be something for everyone at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show.

But if you’re a parent, there’s one new gadget making the rounds that may be of particular interest: the Grush.

The toothbrush promises to turn what many children see as a chore into a game.

It connects to mobile devices and aims to encourage children to spend 30 seconds brushing each quadrant of their mouths, with the proper angle and technique, through interactive games.

According to Grush’s website, the device currently has three games: “Monster Chase,” where children can chase away “baddies” by brush them off an on-screen mouth that corresponds to their own; “Toothy Orchestra,” where kids conduct music across their teeth: and “Brush-a-Pet,” where the goal is to help raise a giraffe.

After each round of brushing, children are awarded a score or a “Grush Factor.”

The Grush also has a Bluetooth motion sensor so parents to track their children’s brushing habits.

The device currently retails at US$59, which includes the sonic vibrating toothbrush, access to all three games and a lifetime subscription to its data tracking service.

The interactive toothbrush has already been garnering acclaim for its design. Earlier in the year, the company took home the $1 million grand prize at America’s Greatest Makers.