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Guys bro-ing out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' leads to embarrassing exits

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Bachelor in Paradise is a place for single men and women to relax, have fun, and — hopefully — find love. But these guys just seemed to love each other. Every time a new guy walked into Paradise, all the other guys would go nuts, as if their best friend from high school had just arrived. Then it would dawn on them that more guys meant their chances of staying just got smaller.

All this was, of course, not lost on the ladies. Taylor said, “A lot of the guys are just having bromances and, like, only paying attention to each other and aren’t actually appearing to be here to, like, date the women.” Meanwhile, the guys were bro-ing out, lifting weights and talking about food.

When it came time for the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the girls had all the power, and the guys realized they had to scramble.

Too Little, Too Late

Robbie tried kissing Amanda, who shot him down. Amanda also told Alex she wasn’t giving him her rose, and then Alex spent the next hour chatting with every girl there. Alex desperately said, “I’ll take a rose from anyone. I’m not gonna lie. I’ll take a rose from Lacey.” But when he talked to Lacey, it didn’t work out too well for him. Alex asked her, “Would you swipe left or right for me?” After a brief pause, Lacey responded , “I’m gonna be completely honest. I don’t know.”

So Long, Bros!

At the rose ceremony, four guys went home — including Iggy and Alex, two of the guys who were bro-ing out lifting weights. On his way out, Alex almost walked in the wrong direction. While that was embarrassing, it wasn’t nearly as bad as poor Vinnie’s departure. When Vinnie got in the car, he had a difficult time with the seat belt, and he struggled with it for awhile, finally saying, “I’m getting dumped. I can’t even get a seat belt on.”

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