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A Haiku tribute to journalist Jim Lehrer

Ellen McGirt

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Turns out not all white men feel professionally threatened by women and people of color, and a shocking cancer cluster in a Black neighborhood in Houston is raising serious questions. And start your weekend with the most heartwarming TikTok ever!

But first, our Haiku tribute to journalist Jim Lehrer, who died this week at 85. May his vision for journalism be our continued blessing.

“It’s not about us,”
Jim Lehrer used to say, but
losing him feels so

personal: His rules
for journalism and life
made the world better.

Do nothing I can’t
defend,” was top on his list;
and “assume others

are as smart, caring,
and good as I.” Assuming
noble intent is

a radical act
in a modern age! Let the
good outweigh the risks.

Have a radically wonderful weekend, we are so grateful for you.

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Ellen McGirt

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