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Halberd Demonstrates Precise Control of Key Cancer Related T-Cell Protein

Halberd Corporation

JACKSON CENTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2022 / Halberd Corporation (OTC PINK:HALB) researchers have demonstrated the ability to precisely control the level of PD-1 in human blood serum in laboratory in-vitro testing. PD-1 (programmed cell death-1) is a T-Cell protein which can be used by tumor cells to fool the body's immune system into allowing the tumor to grow[1]. Halberd's extracorporeal process, operating on blood serum, can potentially be used to eliminate PD-1 and allow the body's innate immune system to attack and eliminate the cancer tumor. This is the main objective of drug-based immunotherapy treatments which are being tested by pharmaceutical companies. Halberd's patented extracorporeal removal process is designed to restore healthy PD-1 levels in hours as opposed to days or months as with drug treatments.

Dr. Mitchell S. Felder, Halberd's Chief Technology Officer and a board-certified attending neurologist stated, "Drug companies have been treating thousands of patients throughout the world with anti-PD-1 ability drugs which are showing promising results. The results to date give us a high degree of confidence that we are on the right track in the fight against cancer through the precise control of PD-1 levels. The ability to exactly and precisely control the cancer target antigens is what I like to call "God's method of curing cancer". Simply put, I strongly believe, based on numerous medical articles, that the ability to very precisely control the concentration of cancer target antigens (PD-1, CTLA-4, , IL-6, TNF-alpha, etc.) will be the key to finally curing cancer, and beating it at any stage. The Halberd in-vitro experimentation, under our direction at our partner universities, is the first very primitive, yet successful, experimentation showing that this proof-of-concept is entirely possible."

William A. Hartman, Chairman, President & CEO of Halberd Corporation, added, "We are encouraged by these initial results in our in-vitro testing using human blood serum. Our unique, and, in fact, unprecedented ability to fine tune the process and precisely control PD-1 and other antigens, is critically important given that many of the antigens which we have successfully eradicated in-vitro are important to the body, but which have reached dangerously excessive levels. PD-1 cells can be manipulated by cancer cells to allow cancer cells to multiply unchecked. We are confident that our methodology of eliminating disease at the source, in this case by removing excess PD-1 cells from the blood can lead to lower cost, safer and yet more effective cancer treatments, with few if any dangerous side effects. We see this as a revolutionary step in the developing field of immunotherapy."

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William A. Hartman

About Halberd Corporation.
Halberd Corporation (OTC PINK:HALB), is a publicly traded company on the OTC Market, and is in full compliance with OTC Market reporting requirements. Since its restructuring in April of 2020, Halberd has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to three issued patents and has filed 22 related provisional, PCT, or utility patent applications to enhance its value to its stockholders and to attract the interests of potential development partners.

Safe Harbor Notice
Certain statements contained herein are "forward-looking statements" (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995). The Company' cautions our readers that statements, and assumptions made in this news release constitute forward-looking statements and makes no guarantee of future performance. Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at the time the statements are made. These statements may address issues that involve significant risks, uncertainties and associated estimates made by management. Actual results could differ materially from current projections or implied results. Halberd Corporation undertakes no obligation to revise these statements following the date of this news release.

[1] https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/kimmel_cancer_center/cancers_we_treat/melanoma/_archive_me/anti_pd_1.html

SOURCE: Halberd Corporation

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