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Haley Joel Osment has most embarrassing race lap in 'Top Gear' history

Top Gear America invited actor Haley Joel Osment to drive a timed lap around its racetrack in a manual transmission car. But like many former child actors, he had trouble shifting gears.

Osment said he used to drive his father’s manual 1960 F-25. But, the actor admitted, “it’s been many years since I’ve driven stick, but I figured I’d try and get reacquainted with it on television in front of lots of people.”

Despite driving a few practice laps and having driven a manual previously in his life, Osment stalled on his initial effort.

Osment’s second attempt was only slightly better: He managed to get the car in first gear at the launch. However, he never shifted again … for the entire lap. Osment floored the car in first gear around the track as the rev limiter worked overtime.

The car eventually broke down, and the hosts had to push Osment across the finish line. When he got out of the car, Osment was pretty upbeat: “Turn 7 went really well. … Just thought I drove with style, you know, perseverance.”

Ultimately Osment’s time around the lap was slower than all three of the previous guests’ lap times combined.

Top Gear America airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on BBC America.

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