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Halliburton Becomes King of the Stock Buybacks

Jon C. Ogg

Halliburton Co. (HAL) is becoming the king of stock buyback, at least for this week. The oil services giant has announced its preliminary results of the prior modified Dutch auction tender offer that expired on Thursday. Computershare showed that some 100.2 million shares of common stock in Halliburton were validly tendered, including about 28.9 million shares that were tendered through notice of guaranteed delivery.

Halliburton indicated that it now expects to acquire approximately 68 million shares of its common stock in this tender at $48.50 per share. This comes to a total of about $3.3 billion, against a market cap of about $43.7 billion. The preliminary proration factor for the tender offer comes to roughly 67.9%, and the total share count represents 7.4% of Halliburton's total number issued and outstanding shares.

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It was also noted that Halliburton may still repurchase additional shares of its common stock in the future, either in the open market or in privately negotiated transactions. That being said, it cannot repurchase any additional shares until after September 6, 2013, as part of the rules of this tender.

Shares of Halliburton are indicated down less than 0.4% at $47.67, after closing at $47.82 and against a 52-week range of $29.83 to $47.97. This is an example of one of those repurchase and tender offers that turned out to be great for shareholders who wanted to sell above the 52-week highs.

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Again, Halliburton just became this week's king of the share buybacks.

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