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Handwashing Technology: A Hot Trend for On Demand and Tankless

Eemax new LavAdvantage, AccuMix ll and FlowCo fill every installation demand

WATERBURY, Conn., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Handwashing is an easy way to prevent infection. Frequent handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. In fact, the FDA specifies a minimum hand-washing water temperature of 100°F, and 70 percent of surveyed Americans believe that hot water kills more germs. These, along with the growing public call for sustainable use of energy, are fueling the demand for tankless water heater installation and use at home, schools, restaurants, and hotels for multiple applications like handwashing.

The demand and ability to fit in existing water connections (thereby eliminating re-piping and cutting installation time by half) drive the tankless water heater global market size to grow at $2.8 billion in 2018 and expand at a CAGR of 7.5% through 2025. Leading this trend and meeting the demand is industry pioneer Eemax®, the #1 supplier of energy-efficient, environment-friendly, on-demand tankless electric water heater solutions in the USA for over 30 years. Spearheading handwashing technology and innovation across the industry is its new, most advanced product line: LavAdvantage™, AccuMix II™, and FlowCo™.

LavAdvantage. This tankless electric water heater boasts the industry's lowest activation flow rate (0.2 GPM turn on flow). Ideal for handwashing and other low-flow applications where precise temperature control is required.

AccuMix II. This tankless electric water heater has an integrated ASSE 1070 rated mixing valve for code-compliant handwashing in public buildings such as schools, shopping and retail outlets, offices and tenant spaces, commercial builds such as restaurants and service stations, concession stands and food service locations, or any remote sink that does not have hot water.

FlowCo. This is a point-of-use non-thermostatic heater, which is ideal for commercial handwashing and other fixed-flow applications.

"Eemax tankless electric water heaters heat water faster, with more precision, safety, and reliability. In short, Eemax heats water better," says Jens Bolleyer, Eemax VP and General Manager. "For over 30 years, we've offered energy-efficient, on demand water heaters for commercial applications, residential homes, industrial, schools (kindergarten to college), and safety applications. And LavAdvantage, AccuMix II, and FlowCo attest to this, in handwashing, among other applications."

About Eemax
Eemax is leading the evolution of water heating with front-line technology that provides consistent hot water. Eemax offers a variety of products that deliver hot water for residential, commercial, industrial, and safety applications. Eemax is a member of the Rheem® family of brands. Since 1925, Rheem has been delivering industry-leading innovations. Today, Rheem is the only brand bringing advanced performance efficiency and integration in air and water systems to homes and businesses around the world. Eemax products are designed in the USA, are lead-free, and ruggedly constructed to last for decades. Each tankless electric water heater is easy to install, dependable, and supported by a knowledgeable customer service team. Eemax also assists its community by engaging students in STEM-based learning, and is actively designing with zero waste materials, energy efficiency, and water savings top of mind.

For more information, and a complete list of products, visit Eemax online, www.eemax.com. For media inquiries, contact Will Adams at Christie & Co, www.christieand.co, by phone (805) 969-3744 and/or email will@christieand.co.



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