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New Handyman Service Launches in San Diego

Kaminskiy Care & Repair offers San Diegans Home Improvement Service

SAN DIEGO, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaminskiy Care & Repair have launched a handyman service for San Diego residents. With the cost of housing continuing to increase locally, it can be difficult for families to afford the median house price of $632,000. Using a home repair service can be an affordable way to bypass buying a new home. Projects like adding crown molding, installing ceiling fans and lights, updating bathroom fixtures, and repairing drywall, are all tasks a home repair service can provide. Hiring a service like Kaminskiy Care and Repair can save homeowners time and money as they check off projects that need to be completed around the home.

"Our goal with launching Kaminskiy Care and Repair was to provide San Diegan residents a trusted and experienced pool of handyman service providers so that they can be confident that the work we completed is to industry standards," Sergei Kaminskiy explained.

In addition to adding home repair services, Kaminskiy Care and Repair also offers a project guarantee. It is rare, if not unheard of, for a company to guarantee their repairs for a year. Homeowners can have confidence in projects completed by licensed contractors will be finished the right way the first time, or it will be fixed for free. When hiring someone to help with home maintenance projects, check if they offer any sort of guarantee on labor or warranty.

As San Diegans start to evaluate the best way to increase their property values, they may find hiring a handyman service to complete low labor projects instead of a complete whole home remodel. Home repair providers continue to expand within the market, making the competition stiff. Before hiring a handyman, homeowners will want to make sure they are licensed and have a history of quality work.

Kaminskiy's Care and Repair, a handyman and home repair company, was founded by Sergei Kaminskiy of Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling. The parent company has been serving San Diego's home remodeling needs for over fourteen years. In that time they have won a number of awards for their kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space remodeling projects.

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