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Hangover Joe's (HJOE) The Hangover Recovery Shot Can Aid USA Economy from Dreaded Hangovers

Hangover Joe's (HJOE) Comments on Center for Disease Control's Report of Hangovers Costing US Economy $249 Billion per Year

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2015 / Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (OTC Pink: HJOE) (HJOE) - The U.S. economy has a $249 billion dollar hangover from binge drinking according to the Centers for Disease Control. Last week the Centers for Disease Control released numbers showing how much in dollars, alcohol use costs U.S. companies and the U.S. economy -- about $807 per employee per year. Heavy drinkers are burdening businesses by being less efficient, getting arrested or being hospitalized, the study said. A majority of the financial hits come from impaired productivity -- likely due to hangovers the day after -- which cost companies about $179 billion in 2010, the CDC claimed. Employers lose $4 billion a year just from workers not being able to come in the day after drinking, the study said. The enormous impact on businesses in the United States and thus the United States economy is something Hangover Joe's has known since we founded the company in 2009! Our company has been on the cutting edge of the market and we are the leaders in the functional lifestyle category for morning hangover relief. We produce the nation's leading Hangover Recovery Shot! Our product when consumed the morning after consuming alcohol the night before has repeatedly shown it aids in relieving, recovering and re-energizing our consumers of the effects of having a few drinks the night before.

This recent study demonstrates that our brand and product is needed nationwide and more and more retailers and corporate buyers are starting to agree with The Hangover Recovery Shot, by Hangover Joe's. There is a huge need in the U.S. economy for our brand said Matt Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe's. We actually put out a press release back in 2011 stating just these facts that we could aid the US economy and help consumers recover and be more productive at work. This is something we've always known as a company. Our brand is strong and resonates with consumers. We have sold millions of shots since we started and the brand only continues to grow and resonate. It's cutting edge and it has the cool factor! In the last few months, we have started a dealer program with Specialty Marketing Systems out of Nashville, Tennessee and we are building a ground force of dealers around the country. We expect to be in 100 or more major US markets in the next year, so relief is on the way for Americans who suffer from morning hangovers. We expect to continue to gain more market share through our dealer program and we are also seeing that national chain buyers are showing interest in our Hangover Recovery Shot as well, added Shawn Adamson Co-Founder and head of national sales for Hangover Joes.

Hangovers happen and they have been going on forever, it's just part of the human condition. We see our brand becoming a global brand said Mike Jaynes, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Hangover Joe's. Hangovers happen worldwide and every week we have a new company in some part of the world reaching out to us for information on our brand. We are now working on quite a few different fronts internationally. Launching our brand in South Korea and moving forward into more countries is something that we will continue to do. This is a global brand and we have to go through the regulatory process in each country, but we are making progress on a daily basis. We believe if only 1% of those affected by hangovers that are costing the US economy $249 Billion dollars annually would use our Hangover Recovery Shot, it would add a staggering $2.49 Billion dollars in U.S. worker productivity. Our ability to reach numbers even much greater than the illustration of 1% of those responsible for this drain on the economy is growing everyday through our dealer program. It's easy to see how our Hangover Recovery Shot can aid the US economy by helping those who need to get to work in the morning and be productive.

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