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Happy Birthday Google: the search engine celebrates 18 with a new doodle

Google's new Doodle for its 18th birthday

You might have noticed a new birthday doodle from Google Tuesday as the internet search engine turns 18.

Designed by Gerben Steenks, one of the team's illustrators -- better known as doodlers at Google HQ -- Tuesday'ss logo celebrates the company's coming of age with the Google "G" blowing up a balloon which lifts it off into the sky.

However according to some it is not clear if today is in fact Google's birthday, with The Independent reporting that is if we use the date when the domain name was first registered, then the company actually turned 19 on 15 September this year.

But with many notable dates in the search engine's history, including becoming an official company, setting up its first workspace, and the hiring of its first employee, Google could have had at least six 18 birthdays already, with even Google admitting back in 2013 that it didn't really know when its birthday was. But the company doesn't seem to mind, after all it just means more cake and more doodles.