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Harry Styles Makes a Wish, Takes Over ‘The Tonight Show’

When You Wish Upon a Nicks

Harry Styles stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonand the host showed him a small jade bottle that was given to him by Stevie Nicks. Nicks told Fallon that you could blow into the bottle, make a wish, and the wish will come true. So, Fallon invited Styles to make a wish on the Nicks bottle.

The Witch

It’s not the first time the young singer has experienced some Stevie magic. The two recently performed at the Troubadour, and Styles actually got a bit teary under the spell of the Fleetwood Mac singer when they sang “Landslide” together.

A Deadly Wish

You’d think that singing with Stevie Nicks would mean that Styles’s wish had already been granted, but Styles did make a wish on the bottle. And surprisingly, Fallon immediately fell “dead” out of his chair. Styles quickly took the comedic opportunity to get behind the desk and sit in Fallon’s chair. It seems the young singer knew exactly what he wanted to wish for.

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